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[update] Shoon photos sets

Hi everyone,I updated my goods


-Paparazzy photos sets


    and so on....

-Pattaya music festival 2003 [paparazzy photos] Shoon only


-Offical photos


Oct. 16th, 2009

Hi,I update the new sets of Shoon paparazzy photo sets here

Please follow the link




Hi ,my friends and I want to sale ya-ya-Yah stuffs [expeciailly Shoon]
-clipping + pin ups [ from  2002/2003/2005 ]
-offical & paparazzi photos-and so on

if you are interested,please follow this link here


Thanks for watching


Is everyone  interesting if I want to sale Shoon's  paparazzi  and JR shop photos from Japan [2003-now ] +  ya-ya-yah 's photo album from JR's shop?

I will scans them and post here and in Shoon community.

Paparazzi photo sets [ street, concert, hight school  [Horikushi] and so on ---------->  amount   200-250 pics , I think but not sure na.....

Please tell me if  you are interesting ,Thanks  ^ ^ 



Hyakushiki Shoon and Fujikaya 's fan arts

It's my shot updatte today.

Long time no update here cause' I 've been study hard this semester T+T,

Ok, I come back na~

I finished my fan arts today and I would like to post it here ^ ^

I hope you like them.

Start with Shoon....jibi Shoon in Hyakushiki's student uniform.....


and Fujikaya Taisuke~kun


Ok,I like them both^ 0 ^


Here,my davientart ^  ^ I opened it in 2007 and update it yesterday ^____________^


Sale Ya-ya-yah clipping

My friend want to sale  Ya ya yah clipings

Here...her message

I'm a new face seller ^^
I want to sale a lot of JE's goods
I sorry if some goods I can't remember from which concert. ^^"
If you have any question please comment on the post in ...
or e-mail to on_sunday@hotmail.com


- Serious buyers only, please.
- PAYPAL is the only method of payment I will accept.
- Payments should be made within 3 days. Items will be mailed only after payment is received.
- I will not responsible for lost/damaged items.
- The shipment  to any countries.
- The prices are inclusive of paypal fee, exclusive of shipping charge.
- Shipping charges will vary according to destination.
- All sales are final which means no refunds.

Please comment on the posts using the following form:

Email address:
Item number(s):

 if you  are interested please  follow the link to her LJ---->


Hi,everyone ^__^
Long time no see
I scaned Shoon's official photos from 2005 with 600 dpi 
He really lovely as always ^-^
There are 12 photos
here,some exemple


Here the link 

***Please comment when talking, Thanks ***

see more in my thai blog,my first dojin ya-ya-yah
ps.you can leave your comment in english  ^ ^


It's my shot update today *** very busy**sorry T__T


I update the HD scans of the last photos sets of Shoon in Pattaya music 2003.

Shoon look so nice all of them ,and sometimes he looks like Reon in somes pics ,I think.

All files is pasword-protected files ,if you want to download them please e-mail me


and I will give you the password na~

Read more in my previous entry----------->  http://shoonette.livejournal.com/3084.html



and my fan art as always ^_^

Bu hic Lolipop VER


Ok,my shot update today, Thailand ,it's time to sleep now =-=

See you in the next entry


I continue to update some HD scans of Shoon's pics in Pattaya Music 2003 organized in Thailand ,

I scaned them with 600-1200 dp ,so,the files are really big for that you can see his prettily face clearly^-^.

***Password protected files as always [ you can read about them in my previous entry.shoonette.livejournal.com/2915.html<<<< ]*****

it mean that all of them require the password cause' I had shared it out side the community at my FC2 blog before i posted it in my LJ and then, post in Shoon community .

If you interested in downloading and getting the password,
Please sent your e-mail to me and I will give the password to you.


You can download all of them by only one password.

Here some of the links and some examples,please click the image to see it more large.




Credit: My FC2 blog [blackcherry9.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-10.html]






Credit: My FC2 blog [blackcherry9.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-7.html]








and I will continue to update the rest soon ^--^


Lastly,I leave my fan art as always ^__^

<<Shoon and Jibi Shoon>>


in white blackground.....



Hopefully,everyone like them ^___^
Ps.After 6 this month I think I will not play internet often as always cause' my University is open and the wireless at my student dormitory isn't good enought T_T
Ps .2 --> If you found that some links don't work ,please tell me ,leave youe comment in LJ or e-mail me ,thanks in advance.

                                         >>>>>See you in the next entry!!!!<<<<<<<




Pics Shoon in Pattaya music 2003


I 've already posted some  HD scans of Shoon's pics in Pattaya Music 2003  in Thailand  in  my FC2 blog.

I used to send some pics to Irea-san by E-mail ,I think I  it was send  in  year 2007 but Ima not sure,I think Irea-san can remember it and remember my old username  "Neriel".  
Irea-san has already posted in  her blog and I think anyone has already seen it before.

So,you can download by www.mediafire.com  

Part 1--->blackcherry9.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-5.html
Part 2---->

 but all of files are  password protected so they requeire the password .

You can get the password by send your e-mail to me ,here,my adress--->
taekwondoshoon@hotmail.com  and i will give it for you.^^

I will  go on to update it more often as much as I can ^ ^

Ima sorry to saybut I want you to know that  I haven't posted it  in Shoon community yet cause' Ima getting a little worried that everyone  mind about the password-protected files,so I post here first.

Please tell me what do you think about it?

The reason that I upload it in password- protected files cause' Shoon's pics in Pattaya music are rare and I would like to know that how many persons download this files, Sometimes I think my reasons are really non sense  even thought I really want to share it.

I hope you understand me na and sorry for  many  uncomfortable things.

As always ,I post my fan arts^^ I hope you like them.

Shoon as Mercutio in Romio & Juliet

if you haven't seen some papas of him yet ,please visit  in Mei's blog ,she has already posted in Shoon community.^ ^

 I added  some stuff and the orenge background  to  make it more warmy-looking.

click here to see the big size --->img29.imageshack.us/img29/9936/mercutioshooncopycopy2.jpg

Thaks you for reading and sorry for my poor english skill.